The madwoman and Maresi

I'm working like a madwoman. I had hopes of being done by next week, so I could take all of July off. Alas, it does not look like that's possible. My husband, who was taking care of our son so I could work, got sick, so now I am balancing sick husband and kid and a crapload of work. But I will have a couple of weeks off later, I swear I will!

What am I doing then?

  • Answering my translators' questions about Naondel
  • Reading the Finnish translation of Naondel (it's taking forever, as I read so slowly in Finnish)
  • Working with the illustrator who is making the map of Naondel (it's going to be AWESOME y'all!), answering her questions about where places are etc
  • Finding errors in the original manuscript by reading the translation, and having to note them down and send them to my publisher so they can make the changes in what was supposed to be the final version...
  • Writing a column
  • Freaking out handling it all like the adult I am
I am finding the motivation to keep going by the wonderful, independent life Maresi is living all around the world. Today's haul: Germany, the US and Japan.

The principal of the British School in Tokyo has Maresi on his list of recommended summer reads. 

And look! Maresi is being unboxed by US booktubers!! (At about 7 minutes) And you get a glimpse of the FINAL US COVER!!

(I am so very sorry for my last name, people. Don't worry, everyone in every country mangles it.)

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