A dreamlike reception

The UK is quickly becoming my favourite country in the whole wide world for the absolutely stunning reception Maresi has received there. Not only do reviewers and bloggers seem to love the book, but so many people write about it. When I sold the UK rights I did not think the book would make much of a splash. A translated YA mostly about girls - how much attention does a book like that normally get? But oh boy was I wrong! THANK YOU to everyone who has reviewed, blogged and tweeted (and instagrammed!) about Maresi in the past months.

Today I found this gem of a review. "If I had a daughter, I would give her this book to let her know: you are more powerful than you have ever realized." Klick here to read the whole review (but beware, some spoilers!) on shinynewbooks.com.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Shiny New Books. We loved Maresi.

    1. My pleasure! I am so glad you enjoyed the book.