Love from The Guardian

I was sitting on my couch, websurfing while the kid was falling asleep, and perhaps I was sipping a glass of wine (will not confirm), when I checked Twitter only to find this wonderful mention of Maresi in The Guardian (again!). To be compared to Margaret Atwood and Harry Potter all in one sentence - oh my! Here's a toast to that! I will post the text in its entirety here, just because.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

Maresi, the first of The Red Abbey Chronicles by Maria Turtschaninoff (Pushkin, £10.99), combines a flavour of The Handmaid’s Tale with bursts of excitement reminiscent ofHarry Potter’s magic duels. Within reach of a country where females are severely repressed, an island community run on convent lines is a secret refuge. There is just enough detail of the rituals and lifestyle of the First Mother’s followers to intrigue alongside a high-stakes storyline when the newest novice is pursued by her outraged family. Narrator Maresi has planned a secure future at the Red Abbey, the early hardships that led her there almost forgotten, but her new friend shows her that there is work to be done in the wider world.

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