The Conversation on the BBC

Tonight at 8 pm UK time and 10 pm in Finland you can tune in to BBC World Service and listen to Karen Lord and me in the programme The Conversation. But truth be told you can listen to the episode as a podcast already, here! (Although our photos are mislabelled, Karen is to the left and I am to the right :-) )

Here's the description of the programme:

Karen Lord's writing feeds off the real world but knits in magic, folktales and adventure to create a unique and original universe. She is the author of three books, and her latest is called The Galaxy Game. Karen has won numerous awards including the Frank Collymore Literary award, which recognises literary talent in Barbados. She says that she loves the place where she writes from, because the melting-pot nature of the Caribbean is a constant source of stories and inspiration.

Maria Turtschaninoff started writing fairy tales aged five, and now weaves historically inspired worlds of magical realism with elements of mythology. The prizes she's won for her work include the Finlandia Junior Prize, for Maresi, her first novel published in English. Maria says her 'cricket-mind' means she's easily distracted from writing, but her best ideas often come to her when she's bored. Surprisingly, she writes in Swedish, as she comes from the tiny Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

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