On the benefits of having an in-house copy editor

Here's something I have come to appreciate very, very much, as Maresi has made her way into the world: That I have an English-speaking husband, who is a copy editor at that. Because:

I have read the English translation of Maresi for language and content.
I have written synopsis of the books in English.
I have written a score of blog posts and articles for different media in English.
I have written bios about myself in English.
I have written work e-mails in English.
I am now commenting and adding to the edits of the US edition of Maresi.

All of this would have been very stressful and very difficult if I hadn't lived the last 15 years with English as my home language, and if I didn't have my husband to ask for advice. And of course to copy edit every single thing I send out (except my blog posts!).

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