No time, just links

I don't seem to get that little breather, when I imagined I would pen a post about the trip to London. The editing process is all-consuming at the moment. So I will have to contend with a link salad instead, and hope to get back to the proper post later.

Here is the piece I wrote for The Guardian on Top 10 feminist heroines in children's fiction.

Here's a piece I wrote for Reading Zone.

Here's a review in Tearaway (New Zealand). "Both magical and sad, inspiring and frightening, Maresi is a fairytale for the modern world." Yay!

Blogger Philippa on When you close the book also reviews Maresi so beautifully I just have to share it. "Honestly, I can't think of many reasons why someone wouldn't enjoy this book." Double yay!

And here's an interview with me at Serendipity Reviews.

Some of the stuff I did in London, like the BBC interview and the interview with Down the Rabbit Hole, are still coming up.

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  1. Wow thank you so much for linking my review! It means a lot. (Erityisesti kun Maresi on just nyt yksi minun lempi kirjoista!)