London, here I come!

Tomorrow my Big London Adventure begins! I am a bundle of nerves and erratic packing. I am doing five interviews (booked so far), two dinners with bookstore buyers and bloggers and two signings. If anyone is interested in coming to the signings they are on Wednesday in Foyles Charing Cross at 2.30pm and after that at Waterstones Piccadilly (I don't have an exact time) plus possibly at another store after that. I will keep you posted as soon as I find out more. Probably not on the blog, though. I will report on my trip on Instagram and Twitter as much as I can get online. And as much as I have time - especially the first two days my schedule is really tight.

This really is the biggest, most marvelous carreer related adventure I have ever been on! I get to meet everyone at Pushkin Press, and some of the fantastic people at Riot Communications who have worked so hard on marketing Maresi, and some of the book bloggers and vloggers who kindly read and blurbed the book. And I get to go to the BBC. To record a radio interview. How insanely cool is that!

Yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points right now. This warrants it.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hurra för din resa! Så spännande, lycka till med allt!

  2. Skrev detta på din mammas vägg men säger samma sak här:
    "Foyles Charing Cross!!! En gammal "Londonbo" som jag (14 månader 1982-83... smile emoticon ) blir ju alldels svag i knäna av detta. I självaste "Böckenas Mecka" i London!!! DET var inte illa, det. Lycka till!" När jag läste vidare, såg jag att du intervjuas av BBC. Det ännu till.