In the editing bubble

Yes, I am still editing like crazy. I have to get it done this week, and all of Thursday will go to meetings and doctors appointments and such. But I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still unsure about a few of the changes I have made (especially some parts I cut), but luckily I will still get to discuss them with my super editor. The hurry I feel mostly has to do with my Finnish translator, who has to have a chance to start working asap.

The Telegraph has put Maresi on their "Best YA of 2016"-list, which makes me all shades of happy. (I'd put a link in, but that page is down right now, will fix as soon as it's up).

Reviews keep coming in, and I am especially thrilled by the ones by younger readers, such as this one. One of the reviewers writes: "I really enjoyed ‘Maresi’ and thought that it had a great plot. Every now and then, I still find myself thinking about Maresi, as if she is a real person."

I still plan to write about London, but it just has to wait. Naondel takes precedence.

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