Cue to five minutes later...

... and me writhing in self-hatred and agony, wanting to hide under a rug and never again come out.

It's tough, showing something for the first time. You have been working on it, by youself, for almost two years. Suddenly someone else sees all the flaws and inconsistencies. It's tough to be so naked. I know I make it sound like my beta reader was very harsh - that's not the case at all. It's that my writer's skin is so very thin.

The comments from my beta reader have helped me see clearly what needs to be done to make the story better. But "I donwanna"-itis has immediately set in and I have spent the last half hour online, avoiding doing any work. Most of my writing seems to be about me being stern and tough with myself to get me to actually WORK.

So. Enough of this, including blogging. The story needs fixing? Make it so.

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